January 31st, 2015

SSBM Tournament Fall ’06 Results!

Thanks to all that came out, and congrats to the men who beat us all!

The top 4 were:

1) DPF (Justin Carter)
2) GOD? (Shawn DeSouza-Coelho)
3) RUSH (Mark Rushby)
4) DUY (Duy-Khang Nguyen-Huu)

And there was a special achievement prize given to BIGZ (Michael Biggs) for managing to take his Ice Climbers all the way to 5th place, while steadfastly maintaining that he is no good at this game!

Unfortunately, we accidentally gave DPF’s prize to RUSH… so if RUSH could kindly give us back that $50 gift certificate to EB Games… (seriously.)

Anyway, this term we had an excellent setup, and managed to get direct-feed video of over 15 matches on computer! We’ll upload those to YouTube and post here when we do.

Full results below:

Name to Tag Tag to Name
Adam Dzialoszynski (LiQ)
Adam Richard (ADAM)
Akshay Balakrishnan (AKS)
Alan Yu (FISH)
Alex Traplin (Alex)
Amanda Fung (kyel)
Ambrose Choy (FORS)
Aron Broom (BRIM)
Brandon Vasquez (BPV)
Brian Fong (zwei)
Christophe Mousa (O.o)
Clarence Lo (BWOB)
Daniel Stoikos (jcs)
Dominic Mendaglio (PHYA)
Duy-Khang Nguyen-Huu (DUY)
Graham Jackson (chip)
Greg Sherman (GG)
Jamieson Pryor (esmo)
Jeff Parker (JEFF)
Jeremy Prevoe (GOD)
Joe Tse (Jyou)
John Gibson (john)
John Roman (HoJ2)
Joseph Bunyan (JSYP)
Justin Carter (DPF)
Justin Barrette (J)
Leon Latty (DOC)
Leonard Loo (Leo7)
Lisa Nagy (lisa)
Marcus Pridham (PLR5)
Mark Beeler (Beel)
Mark Rushby (RUSH)
Mark Weiss (MEW)
Matt Olivira (newb)
Mike Biggs (BIGZ)
Mike Trainor (boob)
Orin Bishop (Orin)
Paul Nguyen (HOJU)
Peter Trinh (DAY)
Peter Qiu (pete)
Phil Shea (jack)
Philip Rawlings (KHAZ)
Rob Holdsworth (HLDZ)
Sandeep Wali (foxx)
Sasha Papo (sale)
Shawn DeSouza-Coelho (GOD?)
Simon Cheung (sim2)
Slash Van Nguyen (NOOB)
Tang Raymond (Ray)
Tyler Bulley (bull)
Wesley Sy (Else)
xi zhang (soju)
Zachariah General (Stix)
Ziven Ali-Hosein (Ziv)
(ADAM) Adam Richard
(AKS) Akshay Balakrishnan
(Alex) Alex Traplin
(Beel) Mark Beeler
(BIGZ) Mike Biggs
(boob) Mike Trainor
(BPV) Brandon Vasquez
(BRIM) Aron Broom
(bull) Tyler Bulley
(BWOB) Clarence Lo
(chip) Graham Jackson
(DAY) Peter Trinh
(DOC) Leon Latty
(DPF) Justin Carter
(DUY) Duy-Khang Nguyen-Huu
(Else) Wesley Sy
(esmo) Jamieson Pryor
(FISH) Alan Yu
(FORS) Ambrose Choy
(foxx) Sandeep Wali
(GG) Greg Sherman
(GOD) Jeremy Prevoe
(GOD?) Shawn DeSouza-Coelho
(HLDZ) Rob Holdsworth
(HoJ2) John Roman
(HOJU) Paul Nguyen
(J) Justin Barrette
(jack) Phil Shea
(jcs) Daniel Stoikos
(JEFF) Jeff Parker
(john) John Gibson
(JSYP) Joseph Bunyan
(Jyou) Joe Tse
(KHAZ) Philip Rawlings
(kyel) Amanda Fung
(Leo7) Leonard Loo
(LiQ) Adam Dzialoszynski
(lisa) Lisa Nagy
(MEW) Mark Weiss
(newb) Matt Olivira
(NOOB) Slash Van Nguyen
(O.o) Christophe Mousa
(Orin) Orin Bishop
(pete) Peter Qiu
(PHYA) Dominic Mendaglio
(PLR5) Marcus Pridham
(Ray) Tang Raymond
(RUSH) Mark Rushby
(sale) Sasha Papo
(sim2) Simon Cheung
(soju) xi zhang
(Stix) Zachariah General
(Ziv) Ziven Ali-Hosein
(zwei) Brian Fong
Final Rankings
Preliminaries Knockout
(the one that matters)
By rank By name By rank By name
4 wins:
1 (FORS)
3 wins:
2 (DUY)
2 wins:
3 (BIGZ)
4 (sale)
5 (pete)
6 (Orin)
7 (J)
8 (RUSH)
9 (AKS)
10 (MEW)
11 (Leo7)
12 (GG)
13 (DPF)
1 win:
14 (DOC)
15 (HLDZ)
16 (esmo)
17 (sim2)
18 (LiQ)
19 (Jyou)
20 (BWOB)
21 (Ray)
22 (GOD?)
23 (BRIM)
24 (zwei)
25 (NOOB)
26 (KHAZ)
27 (PLR5)
28 (soju)
29 (FISH)
30 (jcs)
31 (Ziv)
32 (PHYA)
33 (jack)
34 (newb)
35 (foxx)
36 (HOJU)
37 (BPV)
38 (lisa)
39 (JEFF)
no wins:
40 (kyel)
41 (Alex)
42 (chip)
43 (JSYP)
44 (boob)
45 (HoJ2)
46 (GOD)
47 (DAY)
48 (O.o)
49 (Else)
50 (Beel)
51 (Stix)
52 (bull)
53 (ADAM)
54 (john)
(ADAM) 53
(AKS) 9
(Alex) 41
(Beel) 50
(BIGZ) 3
(boob) 44
(BPV) 37
(BRIM) 23
(bull) 52
(BWOB) 20
(chip) 42
(DAY) 47
(DOC) 14
(DPF) 13
(DUY) 2
(Else) 49
(esmo) 16
(FISH) 29
(FORS) 1
(foxx) 35
(GG) 12
(GOD) 46
(GOD?) 22
(HLDZ) 15
(HoJ2) 45
(HOJU) 36
(J) 7
(jack) 33
(jcs) 30
(JEFF) 39
(john) 54
(JSYP) 43
(Jyou) 19
(KHAZ) 26
(kyel) 40
(Leo7) 11
(LiQ) 18
(lisa) 38
(MEW) 10
(newb) 34
(NOOB) 25
(O.o) 48
(Orin) 6
(pete) 5
(PHYA) 32
(PLR5) 27
(Ray) 21
(RUSH) 8
(sale) 4
(sim2) 17
(soju) 28
(Stix) 51
(Ziv) 31
(zwei) 24
1 dpf
2 god?
3 rush
4 duy
5 bigz
5 doc
7 j
7 pete
9 fors
9 sim2
9 liq
9 hoju
13 orin
13 aks
13 brim
13 jcs
17 leo7
17 hlds
17 jyou
17 bwob
17 ray
17 khaz
17 plr5
17 jack
25 sale
25 mew
25 esmo
25 noob
25 soju
25 fish
25 ziv
25 phya

— zwei (24) withdrew after prelims, promoting jack (33) into knockout
— GG (12) was a no-show, and hoju (38) was hastily promoted into his place

aks 13
bigz 5
brim 13
bwob 17
doc 5
dpf 1
duy 4
esmo 25
fish 25
fors 9
god? 2
hlds 17
hoju 9
j 7
jack 17
jcs 13
jyou 17
khaz 17
leo7 17
liq 9
mew 25
noob 25
orin 13
pete 7
phya 25
plr5 17
ray 17
rush 3
sale 25
sim2 9
soju 25
ziv 25
Preliminary matchups/results
(Linked matches link to video feed of match)
Match #1 ***Ziv*** Stix Else bull
Match #2 ***sim2*** GOD? Ray NOOB
Match #3 ***sale*** HLDZ KHAZ jack
Match #4 ***Orin*** boob DAY HOJU
Match #5 ***BIGZ*** MEW RUSH Beel
Match #6 ***DOC*** DPF PLR5 Leo7
Match #7 ***J*** JSYP HoJ2 Jyou
Match #8 ***esmo*** GG GOD JEFF
Match #9 ***DUY*** PHYA chip BWOB
Match #10 ***zwei*** BPV O.o BRIM
Match #11 ***FORS*** kyel Alex FISH
Match #12 ***LiQ*** foxx AKS ADAM
Match #13 ***jcs***
Match #1 ***Orin*** BIGZ jcs sim2
Match #2 ***sale*** Ziv DOC zwei
Match #3 ***FORS*** J DUY esmo
Match #4 ***Ray*** HLDZ LiQ Stix
Match #5 ***NOOB*** KHAZ Else DAY
Match #6 ***GOD?*** jack bull HOJU
Match #7 ***MEW*** PLR5 boob JSYP
Match #8 ***RUSH*** Leo7 HoJ2 GOD
Match #9 ***Jyou*** JEFF Beel DPF
Match #10 ***GG*** chip O.o kyel
Match #11 ***AKS*** PHYA BPV Alex
Match #12 ***BWOB*** BRIM FISH ADAM
Match #13 ***pete*** soju foxx newb
Match #14 ***lisa*** john
Match #1 ***FORS*** sale Orin LiQ
Match #2 ***DUY*** DOC sim2 RUSH
Match #3 ***BIGZ*** esmo Ray Ziv
Match #4 ***J*** jcs GOD? MEW
Match #5 ***GG*** BWOB NOOB Jyou
Match #6 ***HLDZ*** pete AKS lisa
Match #7 ***KHAZ*** HOJU kyel Stix
Match #8 ***jack*** DAY Alex Beel
Match #9 ***Leo7*** boob FISH Else
Match #10 ***PLR5*** bull HoJ2 JEFF
Match #11 ***DPF*** JSYP GOD chip
Match #12 ***soju*** PHYA O.o ADAM
Match #13 ***BRIM*** BPV foxx john
Match #14 ***newb***
Match #1 ***FORS*** BIGZ GG sale
Match #2 ***DUY*** J Orin HLDZ
Match #3 ***pete*** LiQ sim2 esmo
Match #4 ***MEW*** Jyou DOC Ray
Match #5 ***RUSH*** BWOB GOD? Ziv
Match #6 ***AKS*** jack NOOB jcs
Match #7 ***DPF*** BRIM KHAZ lisa
Match #8 ***Leo7*** newb PLR5 soju
Match #9 ***PHYA*** kyel DAY JSYP
Match #10 ***HOJU*** HoJ2 Alex chip
Match #11 ***FISH*** Beel O.o Stix
Match #12 ***BPV*** GOD boob bull
Match #13 ***JEFF*** ADAM Else john
Match #14 ***foxx***

Full tree results for Knockout Round

SSBMTournament Fall 2006 Knockout round results

Knockout Round Videos

Round 1
DPF (Zelda) vs BWOB (Marth)
FORS (Falco) vs Jack (Link)
J (Peach) vs PLR5 (Peach)

Loser’s Bracket Round 1
PLR5 (Peach) vs Mew (Jigglypuff)

Loser’s Bracket Round 2
AKS (Luigi) vs PLR5 (Peach)

Winner’s Bracket Round 3
DPF (Zelda) vs Pete (Fox)
Rush (Peach) vs Sim2 (Luigi)

Loser’s Bracket Round 3
FORS (Falco) vs AKS (Luigi)

Winner’s Bracket Round 4
Rush (Peach) vs DPF (Zelda)

Loser’s Bracket Round 5
BIGZ (Ice Climbers) vs Pete (Fox)

Loser’s Bracket Round 6
DUY (Captain Falcon) vs BIGZ (Ice Climbers)

DPF (Zelda) vs DUY (Captain Falcon)

DPF (Zelda) vs Rush (Peach)

Championship (best of three)
Round 1 DPF (Zelda) vs God (Luigi)
Round 2 God (Luigi) vs DPF (Zelda)
Round 3 DPF (Zelda) vs God (Luigi)

Full win/loss record for each player

Ambrose Choy (FORS)
wins: 4
Won vs.: kyel, Alex, FISH, DUY, esmo, J, sale, Orin, LiQ, BIGZ, GG,

Duy-Khang Nguyen-Huu (DUY)
wins: 3
Won vs.: chip, PHYA, BWOB, sim2, DOC, RUSH, Orin, J, HLDZ,
Lost vs.: FORS,

Mike Biggs (BIGZ)
wins: 2
Won vs.: MEW, RUSH, Beel, esmo, Ray, Ziv,
Lost vs.: Orin, FORS,

Sasha Papo (sale)
wins: 2
Won vs.: HLDZ, KHAZ, jack, DOC, Ziv, zwei,
Lost vs.: FORS,

Peter Qiu (pete)
wins: 2
Won vs.: foxx, soju, newb, sim2, esmo, LiQ,
Lost vs.: HLDZ,

Orin Bishop (Orin)
wins: 2
Won vs.: DAY, HOJU, boob, jcs, BIGZ, sim2,
Lost vs.: FORS, DUY,

Justin Barrette (J)
wins: 2
Won vs.: JSYP, HoJ2, Jyou, jcs, GOD?, MEW,
Lost vs.: FORS, DUY,

Mark Rushby (RUSH)
wins: 2
Won vs.: Leo7, HoJ2, GOD, BWOB, GOD?, Ziv,
Lost vs.: BIGZ, DUY,

Akshay Balakrishnan (AKS)
wins: 2
Won vs.: PHYA, BPV, Alex, NOOB, jcs, jack,
Lost vs.: LiQ, HLDZ,

Mark Weiss (MEW)
wins: 2
Won vs.: boob, PLR5, JSYP, DOC, Ray, Jyou,
Lost vs.: BIGZ, J,

Leonard Loo (Leo7)
wins: 2
Won vs.: boob, FISH, Else, newb, PLR5, soju,
Lost vs.: DOC, RUSH,

Greg Sherman (GG)
wins: 2
Won vs.: chip, O.o, kyel, NOOB, Jyou, BWOB,
Lost vs.: esmo, FORS,

Justin Carter (DPF)
wins: 2
Won vs.: JSYP, GOD, chip, KHAZ, BRIM, lisa,
Lost vs.: DOC, Jyou,

Leon Latty (DOC)
wins: 1
Won vs.: PLR5, Leo7, DPF,
Lost vs.: sale, DUY, MEW,

Rob Holdsworth (HLDZ)
wins: 1
Won vs.: AKS, lisa, pete,
Lost vs.: sale, Ray, DUY,

Jamieson Pryor (esmo)
wins: 1
Won vs.: GOD, JEFF, GG,
Lost vs.: FORS, BIGZ, pete,

Simon Cheung (sim2)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Ray, NOOB, GOD?,
Lost vs.: Orin, DUY, pete,

Adam Dzialoszynski (LiQ)
wins: 1
Won vs.: AKS, ADAM, foxx,
Lost vs.: Ray, FORS, pete,

Joe Tse (Jyou)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Beel, DPF, JEFF,
Lost vs.: J, GG, MEW,

Clarence Lo (BWOB)
wins: 1
Won vs.: BRIM, FISH, ADAM,
Lost vs.: DUY, GG, RUSH,

Tang Raymond (Ray)
wins: 1
Won vs.: LiQ, Stix, HLDZ,
Lost vs.: sim2, BIGZ, MEW,

Shawn DeSouza-Coelho (GOD?)
wins: 1
Won vs.: bull, jack, HOJU,
Lost vs.: sim2, J, RUSH,

Aron Broom (BRIM)
wins: 1
Won vs.: BPV, foxx, john,
Lost vs.: zwei, BWOB, DPF,

Brian Fong (zwei)
wins: 1
Won vs.: O.o, BPV, BRIM,
Lost vs.: sale,

Slash Van Nguyen (NOOB)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Else, KHAZ, DAY,
Lost vs.: sim2, GG, AKS,

Philip Rawlings (KHAZ)
wins: 1
Won vs.: HOJU, kyel, Stix,
Lost vs.: sale, NOOB, DPF,

Marcus Pridham (PLR5)
wins: 1
Won vs.: bull, HoJ2, JEFF,
Lost vs.: DOC, MEW, Leo7,

xi zhang (soju)
wins: 1
Won vs.: PHYA, O.o, ADAM,
Lost vs.: pete, Leo7,

Alan Yu (FISH)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Beel, O.o, Stix,
Lost vs.: FORS, BWOB, Leo7,

Daniel Stoikos (jcs)
wins: 1
Lost vs.: Orin, J, AKS,

Ziven Ali-Hosein (Ziv)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Stix, Else, bull,
Lost vs.: sale, BIGZ, RUSH,

Dominic Mendaglio (PHYA)
wins: 1
Won vs.: kyel, DAY, JSYP,
Lost vs.: DUY, AKS, soju,

Phil Shea (jack)
wins: 1
Won vs.: DAY, Alex, Beel,
Lost vs.: sale, GOD?, AKS,

Matt Olivira (newb)
wins: 1
Lost vs.: pete, Leo7,

Sandeep Wali (foxx)
wins: 1
Lost vs.: LiQ, pete, BRIM,

Paul Nguyen (HOJU)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Alex, chip, HoJ2,
Lost vs.: Orin, GOD?, KHAZ,

Brandon Vasquez (BPV)
wins: 1
Won vs.: boob, bull, GOD,
Lost vs.: zwei, AKS, BRIM,

Lisa Nagy (lisa)
wins: 1
Won vs.: john,
Lost vs.: HLDZ, DPF,

Jeff Parker (JEFF)
wins: 1
Won vs.: Else, ADAM, john,
Lost vs.: esmo, Jyou, PLR5,

Amanda Fung (kyel)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: FORS, GG, KHAZ, PHYA,

Alex Traplin (Alex)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: FORS, AKS, jack, HOJU,

Graham Jackson (chip)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: DUY, GG, DPF, HOJU,

Joseph Bunyan (JSYP)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: J, MEW, DPF, PHYA,

Mike Trainor (boob)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: Orin, MEW, Leo7, BPV,

John Roman (HoJ2)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: J, RUSH, PLR5, HOJU,

Jeremy Prevoe (GOD)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: esmo, RUSH, DPF, BPV,

Peter Trinh (DAY)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: Orin, NOOB, jack, PHYA,

Christophe Mousa (O.o)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: zwei, GG, soju, FISH,

Wesley Sy (Else)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: Ziv, NOOB, Leo7, JEFF,

Mark Beeler (Beel)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: BIGZ, Jyou, jack, FISH,

Zachariah General (Stix)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: Ziv, Ray, KHAZ, FISH,

Tyler Bulley (bull)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: Ziv, GOD?, PLR5, BPV,

Adam Richard (ADAM)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: LiQ, BWOB, soju, JEFF,

John Gibson (john)
wins: 0
Lost vs.: lisa, BRIM, JEFF,

2 Responses to 'SSBM Tournament Fall ’06 Results!'

  1. 1Hoju
    October 31st, 2006 at 1:02 am

    I read how the ranking for prelims work on the forum and I still don’t know how it worked out, considering I won a prelim match against actual people and yet am still ranked lower than people who received byes. You also said that I was ranked 38th, when the results show that I actually was ranked 36th, not that it matters since I eventually finished 9th. Actually, if you bump the people with byes below me, I would have made it past prelims based on ranking and the fact that two people dropped out.

    Btw, the only reason I’m not posting on the forum is because I never received an activation email for my username and thus cannot activate it.

  2. 2Markster
    December 13th, 2007 at 6:39 pm

    This reply is perhaps a bit tardy (14 months, whatever!) but you deserve answers!

    The ranking was based, in order, on these three things:
    1) Your # of wins.
    2) The # of wins of people who you defeated.
    3) The # of wins of people who defeated you.

    for foxx, these numbers are (1, 0, 2+1+1)
    for newb, these numbers are (1, 0, 2+2)
    for you (hoju), they are (1, 0, 2+1+1)

    As far as the rankings were concerned, you and foxx were equal. We didn’t build in special considerations for people who received byes, since they would already be penalized for not winning over winners.

    Realistically, you didn’t earn a berth in the elimination round anyway, considering how you went three rounds without a win, and could only scrape out a win against others who were equally unable to win.

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