December 20th, 2014

Official Smash Brothers Melee Tournament Rules

It’s not too late to sign up!!!

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Here is the list of players already signed up!

We’ve nailed down the rules set for the tournament. Keep in mind that we’ve tried to satisfy the masses, which means some people won’t be happy with all the rules. Tough bananas.

Tournament Style

- The tournament is a Swiss style round robin
- Each player will be matched at random against an opponent with a similar win/loss record
- After THREE losses, the player is eliminated from the tournament
- The entry fee is $5. This fee is optional!
- Only paying players will be eligible for the cash prize
- The winner will receive 6/12 (half) the prize money
- Second, third and fourth place will receive 3/12, 2/12 and 1/12 of the prize money respectively.
- We will have many MANY Gamecubes so multiple matches will be taking place at the same time.


- All matches will be one on one with a stock of FIVE lives.
- The matches will have NO time limit

Stage Selection

- A stage will be randomly assigned to each match
- The following stages will NOT be used in this tournament:
Flat Zone, Big Blue, Poke Floats, Icicle Mountain


- Items will be turned ON
- The item frequency is set at Medium
- The following items will be DISABLED:
Heart container
Maxim Tomato
All food items
Homerun bat
Invisibility cloak

That should be about it! If there are any further questions, please see the forums or leave a comment.

See you on Monday!
- Gee (webadmin)

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